TRUE Automotive is your transmission specialist! We can help with all of your transmission preventative maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting needs.

The transmission in your vehicle is ultimately responsible for sending the power from your engine to your wheels so you can move in the direction you choose. Transmissions are major components that require regular service to ensure they last for the long haul without costly repairs or headaches.

Most people are very regimented about their engine oil changes, but did you know that your transmission has oil that requires changing as well?

Some transmissions have transmission oil filters and other parts that should be replaced at regular intervals to ensure a problem-free vehicle.

Common issues with transmissions

By staying on top of your vehicle’s transmission preventative maintenance, you can prevent the headaches and expenses from some of the following transmission issues:

We can help with transmission troubleshooting and diagnostics as well as replacing failed transmissions. Our team members are expert professionals in normal torque converter transmission and even some of the newer and more complete DCT or Dual Clutch Transmission, or CVT transmissions also known as Constant Velocity Transmission.

Drive a manual or standard transmission? We can help with those too! We are happy to help with clutch and flywheel replacement, pilot bearings and throwout bearing repairs, clutch slave cylinders and master cylinders, other transmission-related hydraulic parts, clutch pedal issues, shifter bushing overhauls, and more! TRUE Automotive loves how reliable manual transmissions are and how fun they are to drive. If you drive a manual transmission, come by any TRUE Automotive location to meet our team.


At TRUE Automotive, we are working hard to raise up the car care industry. It’s our mission to be your trusted automotive shop for life. We’re relationship-based, not transactional. As your neighbor, it’s our duty to serve our communities with honest and transparent car care. TRUE will never perform any work without your authorization and we will always make sure you know the cost of everything before we do any work.

Using our simple priority system you’ll always know what service or repairs are urgent and what can be budgeted for in the future.

Ask our team about how we share the same screen with our customers that both our front office and our trained technicians use.

Our team is here for you and ready to help you with your car!


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